Why graffiti?

As I mentioned briefly before, this blog began as a semester-long project during my senior year of college where we each had to create and maintain a weekly blog. The topic didn’t matter.

At first, Literary Distractions was going to be a book review blog, something that it’s evolved into now, but at the time, I couldn’t commit to reading a book a week while also keeping up with studies and working 16-20 hours/week. So I tried looking for inspiration wherever I went, but it was difficult to commit to a different topic idea.

Most of my classes were in the English Building*  (surprise, surprise), and while I was waiting for my next class to begin, I went to use the first-floor restroom. The bathroom stalls were covered with graffiti. Of course I had noticed them many times before and thought there was something poetic (and also confusing) about the graffiti, quotes, phrases and responses on the walls of a building filled with writers. Why put such personal thoughts in such a public place?

This blog began as a commentary on the motivations and words behinds that graffiti.

* Fun Fact: The facade of the UIUC English Building was filmed to portray Harvard Library in the Gilmore Girls episode “The Road Trip to Harvard” (S2 E4). Surprise! That building they show is actually in Champaign, Illinois!

 The original blog was made on Blogger with the same name, but was imported to WordPress.

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