10 Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie – Top Ten Tuesday

It’s another week of Top Ten Tuesday, the weekly meme hosted and created by the lovely ladies at The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic is top ten things I’d ask the book genie to grant me.


I’ll keep it short and sweet with little explanation because I think my wishes are self-explanatory… and some of these are definitely the first time I’ve mentioned them.

Book Genie, I wish….

  1. For a new bookcase. Seriously, mine is starting to collapse from the weight of my books.
  2. For a stellar bookcase organizational system. Because what’s a new bookcase if it can’t be nicely organized?
  3. For a second bookcase. Because let’s be real. I already have enough for two.
  4. For the complete set of Joyce Carol Oates books. Because I think she’s awesome.
  5. For maybe a third bookcase. To hold all my JCO books.
  6. For more time to read.
  7. For those Little Golden Books that I regrettably gave to Goodwill back… Please? If not, please make sure they’re in good hands.
  8. For school libraries in in-need communities and the developing world. Because I don’t need anything else besides three bookcases for what I have and can afford.
  9. For more teachers, tutors, librarians and literacy programs (and resources) to reach those struggling communities. Because what are books without passionate instructors?
  10. For the battle of ebook versus print book to end and everyone goes on their merry ways, as long as books are still a thing and they’re being read and appreciated. Trust me, I get it. I love printed books more than ebooks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a Kindle or read ebooks. (Although, you don’t own your ebooks, but, again, it’s a conversation for another time, perhaps.) Personal preferences are just that–personal. Just read and be happy! …Okay, thanks.

My list got a little too real at the end, but what’s the point of a genie if you can’t wish some good onto other people? Have we learned nothing from watching Aladdin?!

What would you wish for if the Book Genie gave you a visit?

7 thoughts on “10 Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie – Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Obikitty says:

    You are such a sweet person! I feel vaguely guilty about my list now, lol, I was super self-ish with all my wishes. You are right though, the world needs more books and people willing to help others reach their literacy goals.

    My TTT

    • Mary says:

      Hahaha, aww thank you! Obviously I just really want bookcases, but when it comes to buying books or having all the books that I could want–I figured I could do that on my own (it makes it easier when you have multiple bookcases to keep them though!). And after I planned an impromptu trip to Princeton, NJ, to meet Joyce Carol Oates, I knew I could make meeting favorite authors possible if I really put some effort (and money) into it. I just figured I’d use some wishes and spread the literary love! 🙂

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